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Audio Training

Downloadable Audio Training


Get The Complete RV Sales Training Course In Audio Download (6 CDs) For Your In House Training Classes. Comes Complete With 137 page workbook with answer keys for your instructor.
Designed for those who would prefer to handle their own in house sales training, but are not sure where to start.
Here's your solution. This set contains nearly 8 hours of RV specific sales training divided into 35 topics.
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Get The Complete RV Sales Management Training Course In Audio Download (4 CD) For Your In House Sales Manager Training. Comes Complete With 80 Page Workbook and Answer Keys.
Keep your sales managers up to date on today's buyer, along with up to date sales training and management techniques.
This set contains over 5 hours of RV specific management training divided into 19 topics. The RV Sales Management audio course is most effective when combined with the RV sales course.
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Video Training

Downloadable Video Training


Success at RV shows doesn't just come from knowledge, but the application of that knowledge.
This course will give you the knowledge and convert it into skill, and skill is what makes money in RV sales.
Someone who does that right things will always out income someone who knows the right things.
Learn how to avoid many of the common mistakes, overcome more objections, create urgency and make more sales!
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Good quality phone skills have never been more important. The phones are probably one of the toughest skills to master. Not because it's so difficult a skill, but because it's just not comfortable for many of us.
Getting comfortable and confident with RV customers on the phone will increase your sales and your income. That's reason enough to get good on the phones.
In this course we'll take you through the many reasons to get good on the phones, what it costs you if you neglect the phones, and the huge benefits to developing self confidence on the phones.
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RV StatTracker

Tracking Solves Problems

We will show you how to track your customers and create stats for your sales staff and managers that are actually usable. Get to the reality of what your sales staff is doing with your customers. We have developed proprietary customer tracking software that we use to create simple, easy to read and understand numbers your entire staff can actually use.
As an Owner or General Manager you will be able to analyze an individual sales person, shift / team or your entire sales staffs numbers at a glance, for more effective one on one counseling.
We will show you how to find out instantly who's "living off the floor" and who's actually getting the return guests. What their "real" closing ratios are. Who's achieving the proper ratio of presentation / demonstrations and write ups based on the number of customers they see.
Accurate statistics allow you to work with the sales staff based on facts, not asssumptions.
The salesperson at the top of the board may actually be costing you money! And even more important, we give you the solutions to every problem on the floor to maximize closes and income.

on How RV StatTracker Can Improve Your Dealership.