RV Sales TrainingYour Key to Sales & Profits
North American Training Solutions Inc.

Bringing True RV Sales & Management Experience To Your Training Program.
Dealer Principles and General Managers now have a Sales Training program designed and administered by someone with real RV experience.
Not from the automotive industry, but from your industry.

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North American Training Solutions Inc.

Thank you for your interest in improving your sales staff. Please take a moment to learn how we can work together to improve your RV dealership. No one else does it the way we do.
The concept is simple: Sales & Management training specifically designed for the RV industry.
Based on over 25 years of RV retail sales and management experience, our training products and services are second to none. We've worked with over 100 RV dealers since 2004 improving sales, morale and profits.
A person with experience is never at the mercy of someone with a theory.

Product Downloads

We offer powerful training audios and videos specifically for RV dealers. All in downloadable form for instant access. All audio and video courses include associated workbooks. All video series training products include the instructor on video.
Download Today, Use Today.

RV StatTracker ™

As a dealer have you ever asked yourself; Why don't my sales people sell more? They have the personality, the drive, the knowledge... What is missing?
The RV StatTracker™ system was designed specifically for RV dealers to track and monitor the opportunities, activities and results of an RV sales person so their weak point can easily be discovered.
This information helps us determine a plan of action for quick and effective improvement, increased closing ratios and higher gross profits.

In House Training

Our technique of training is unique. We focus exclusively on the RV Industry. Specifically on the RV Salesperson, Sales Manager, and their relationship with the RV Consumer. Our Goal is to get your Sales and Management Staff on the same page. Focused on the same outcome.
We have training classes designed for your new hires, as well as your veterans. Classes designed to prevent bad habits from starting, and re-adjust the bad habits of your veteran sales force. We will show them how to use the skills they already have, and re-tune them for today's buyer. If we adjust our sales methods, our profits will soar!